Iron Sheik meets Iron Sheik Jr. via Howard Stern

This isn’t new, so if you’re a Stern fan; please don’t jump all over me because this is really old content. It’s the off-season and if I’m ever going to throw up a post like this, now is the time. If you’re one of the lucky ones that haven’t seen this yet, it’s definitely worth the price of admission in these parts.

Here you have Howard Stern, the Iron Sheik (wrestling ‘legend’, authentic nutjob), and Iron Sheik Jr. (it’s Comedian Artie Lange and everyone in the world knows this right away, except the Sheik).

Iron Sheik senses trouble from the beginning. You can see this when he furrows his brow at the all out attack that Lange/Sheik Jr. unleashes upon him from the beginning.

And from here, it really goes downhill with Sheik getting his usual diarrhea of the mouth and Lange basically repeating Sheik’s own poor insults back him, telling him he is worse than Michael Jackson and calling him a Jabroni.

Favorite parts:

  1. Sheik Jr. telling Sheik he will ‘make him humble by selling out the Pontiac, Michigan in front of 93,000 people and fuck his ass’. This an obvious reference to Wrestlemania III, which Sheik was a part of and Artie probably remembers from when he was a kid. Golden stuff.
  2. Sheik Jr. repeatedly¬†accusing Iron Sheik of stealing ‘The Camel Clutch’, Sheik’s prided finishing maneuver. He even says he stole it from his father!
  3. Howard instigating and asking about Vince McMahon paying Sheik Jr. $2 million dollars, and Sheik Jr. responding by saying that yes, ‘he was paid $2 million in whores, cocaine, and cash, and mari-ju-ana’.
  4. Howard basically instigating the unsuspecting Sheik all the way through to the end.

How Sheik didn’t notice that this was just some comedian mark pulling on his fake beard in front of a bullshit backdrop the WWF would have used in the 80’s (look at those pyramids) is beyond me. It is what makes this video so priceless.