RIP Bob Welch


The year I got really into baseball, Bob Welch won 27 games for the 1990 Oakland Athletics. He’s one of the first really dominant pitchers I remember seeing and pulling his baseball cards out of my stack because I thought he was pretty good – and he was.

What’s more is that Bob Welch had a long and storied career that spanned back about a dozen years before I got to know him. He lost game two in Cincinnati in that 1990 World Series, which is the first that I really remember in my life in baseball.

Bob Welch passed away today at the young age of 57 to a heart attack. In his career he won 211 games with the Dodgers and Athletics. He is most often remembered for allowing three home runs to Reggie Jackson in that 1978 World Series when Welch was a 21 year old youngster.