Fantasy Baseball Rundown

Oswaldo Arcia has been very hitterish thus far.

Oswaldo Arcia has been very hitterish thus far.

We’re starting off something new here that we expect to do once a week or maybe even twice a week if it’s good fun. We are big fantasy baseball folks here; we’re just going to do some commentary on a lot of the league and where we gauge the pulse with guys right now.

Starting us off today is the man pictured above; OSWALD!

Oswaldo Arcia – Hit a nice line drive home run into the second deck off his homer-friendly friend Vidal Nuno last night. I feel like it’s his time to do some damage. Last year he was off the grill a little early. Right now he’s just right – ripe for 15-20 HR perhaps hitting in the middle of the Minnesota order. If he’s still on your waiver wire don’t leave him there.

Xander Bogaerts – .380 OBP SS. How many of them are there in baseball? Two of them right now. He’s over .300, there aren’t a lot of those either. He’s hitting second in that order for a reason and he’s going to stay there. I am sick that I dealt him.

Mike Trout – how about that slumping Mike Trout. Boy he sure does suck! Another monster home run last night in Oakland, he’s hit in 11 straight and is over .400 during that time. Listen to the spoiled Mike Trout fantasy owners crybaby about how he’s not stealing enough. He’s like that chick that is hot in every way but you don’t like how much she calls. When Trout calls, don’t ice it. If you can even get a chick like him to call you.

Yangervis Solarte – He honestly reminds me of Robbie Cano when Cano was coming up in the world like a regular Tony Montana, trying so sell cocaine and make his way. We’re talking 2006 Cano. He is a very good offensive player right now in a perfect park for his swing, and he has Swiss-Army knife eligibility (2B/SS).

Adam Lind – When Jose Abreu went down, I needed a 1B fix. Do you see what he’s doing to right-handed pitching right now? Murdering it. He came into today hitting .384 against righties.

Francisco Liriano – Got it together a little bit last night against the Dodgers, working the change-up. I still notice he can’t get left-handed batters out with any regularity, his biggest difference from last years days of dominance. It is tempting to see what’s possible when he’s slightly on.

Oscar Taveras – Welcome to the big league fraternity, kid. Just when you thought the Cardinals weren’t that impressive of an offense they’re bailed out by two youngsters who you know will be impactful the rest of the way in Kolten Wong and Oscar the Cardinal.

Kolten Wong – Speaking of…. I have this simulator where I traded for him and he was a remarkably solid player for a solid 12 to 14 seasons offensively. I think the simulator knew something.

Dexter Fowler – He’s cooled off some, but in his last 16 games he’s walked 15 times and is hitting .291. That lineup is mostly harmless, but like the sweet peregrine falcon at the zoo, you stick your hand in that cage and one time it will tear your finger clean off. That’s Dexter Fowler.

Adam Eaton – You’re going to have to start earning your keep around here, Mighty Mouse.

Ian Kennedy – I never thought much of him in the past, and I saw him on the waiver wire and gave him a shot. All he’s done since then is strike out 44 batters in 36 and 2/3 innings, walking 11. Those are winning numbers and I don’t care where you get them from.

Erick Aybar – This Punch and Judy has 29 RBI so far. Monitor these next few weeks. If you need runs he’s a capable guy off the waiver wire.

Mike Napoli – I just plucked him off the waiver wire and stashed his ass. I’m quite excited about it. He should be back soon. He hit bombs for a few weeks without use of a pinky. It was at the expense of Juan Francisco, whom I cut. I’m still excited.

Chad Qualls – Make sure this guy isn’t plankton on the bottom of the waiver wire sea floor. He added a couple of saves this past week, including a four-out save last night. The Houston pen is usually not worth thinking about, but Qualls seems to have a lock-down on the job.

Devin Mesoraco – Grand slam last night. I can’t stay it enough; this guy is a monster and would be an All-Star without the hamstring injury earlier in the year. He’s done exactly this at every level. This isn’t going away.

Hanley Ramirez – I watch his AB’s every night and I think he’s one of the most overrated players in the game. Why do people value this guy like he’s one of the elite? He’s not. The swing is stiff and rigid. Try to sell him to someone who thinks he’s elite. Don’t be that guy.

Corey Kluber – There isn’t a pitcher in the game today who is more dominant. There is no debate right now. Right now is over in the blink of an eye but for this last six week run, he’s been unreal; making your pitching staff much better than you thought it would be.

Justin Verlander – He’s not striking people out anymore, and he’s walking people to boot. Don’t get excited yet about those seven strikeouts in 7 and 2/3 last night. We’re a long way from being back.

Yasiel Puig – I think you’re looking at the number one overall player in fantasy for 2014, is what I think when we talk about this prize-winning Puig.

That’s all for now. Do well this week!