The Month of February is just the Worst.


If you are a positive person who only wishes to dwell on positive things; this is not going to be the post for you.

I can’t do the month of February for one more stinking day.

Every year around this time it happens; I spend too much time in the house. No matter how much time I try to get out and do things, go to the gym, refocus my energy at work, write interesting content on this blog; I always find myself hiding indoors in February because February in Ohio is a large, over-flowing sack of crap. And with all those hours indoors I usually end up pondering my very existence because I have too much time on my hands just to sit and think. With that comes what I think is some depression.

There has been snow covering every inch of landscape in my area for what seems like six weeks. I have to hear people excited about the fifty degree days upcoming. Those people can shove it. All that’s going to do is turn the parking lots we walk in to that gross grey looking slush. I’m really happy for you folks.

Let’s be honest, baseball is nowhere in sight. I can act like I’m immensely excited about is Player A unpacking his items at a spring training complex. That’s great; at least someone, somewhere is getting sun rays and vitamin D without taking it out of a bottle.

This month in 2014 – this dead period – has seemed especially excruciating this year. I don’t know why, but it’s really stomping at my will in every way possible.

I’ve tried everything: watching the NBA, betting on the NBA, watching the Olympics, getting into shows on Netflix, watching pro wrestling. There’s just an abyss right now in my life. I wake up and every day is the same as before. Another day filled with inside hours and the ugly, inconveniencing outdoors are just a window-view away.

It is said that February is the shortest month of the year but the people who say that sure seem like liars.