Respect the Pitcher: Introducing the Francisco Liriano IcyHot Award

The two sides of Liriano - celebrating a no hitter and biting his jersey in the dugout

The two sides of Liriano – celebrating a no hitter and biting his jersey in the dugout

Mevs had a brilliant idea of recognizing a batter each week who goes off for that week, maybe out of no where.  We couldn’t ignore the pitchers for long though.  After much deliberation (with myself), we’d like to introduce the Francisco Liriano IcyHot Award.  Let me explain why we chose this name.  First of all, it’s gives maximum flexibility.  Francisco Liriano has had only 2 starts in his 2013 season after returning from injury.  His numbers? 16 K in 11 innings, 1.64 ERA, and 2 wins.  This is the hot side of Liriano.  The icy side?  It’s ugly.  A 5 game stretch in April 2011 back in Minnesota. Going 1-4 and compiling a 9.13 ERA in the process.  Yikes.  Naming the award this allows us to bestow it upon anyone we want (unless they went 1-1 with a 3.50ERA…that’s lukewarm man).  It could go to a guy getting a no hitter, it could go to a complete disaster…it’s a grab bag.

IcyHot is our unofficial sponsor for reasons most people who played sports will know.  It can work wonders on some sore muscles, but get it in the wrong spot and you will not be happy.  Let’s start with our very first winner:  Chris Sale

A great look at the funky yet extremely effective delivery of Chris Sale

Chris did the deed to the LA Angels this week.  He first went out and tossed a complete game shut out while striking at 7 at home to win 3-0.  He then went across the country five days later and shut down the Angels again.  He pitched intot he 8th inning while striking out an incredible 12 hitters.  Chris Sale dominated this week.  Congrats on winning the inaugural Francisco Liriano IcyHot Award.  Check out his stats below.

FL 5.19

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Note:  IcyHot in no way actually sponsors anything on DiamondHoggers.  (But if you’re interested let us know)