A Stroke of Genius with the Grill Man


In the offseason I added Jason Grilli on virtually every fantasy team because I knew of the stuff he had. I knew he would be dominant. I knew he would be the best closer in baseball. If nothing else, this post is just confirmation that yes; at one moment in time my stroke of genius was at least correct.

A lot of other guys who are stuck on name brands were busy grabbing the likes of Josh Beckett, Joel Hanrahan, Jesus Montero and Mike Fiers in unlucky round 13. That’s when I gave Grilli a home, about five rounds later than he deservedly should have been packing his bags. Just brilliant if I do say so myself. I got more props for a late-round grab of Sergio Santos. That’s how little people respected Grilli coming into this season – but fortunate for me I was not one of those people.

A post over at FanGraphs today documents how dominant Jason Grilli has been. This has been awesome to watch.