It happens every night: Carlos Marmol or some other closer sucks in relief

Marmol2 - 4.4.2013

Apparently licking your fingers is the appropriate response to giving up runs in the bottom of the 9th.

Since it’s going to happen pretty much every night, we’ll continue to highlight the shitty relief performance of the night.  (I think we need a name for it).  Tonight’s winner was Carlos Marmol.  Yes, yes.  He did actually record a save.  But check out the stat line:  1IP, 1BB, 1K, and a 20.25 ERA.  Saves are dumb. Marmol shouldn’t get any kind of positive stat for this performance.  He should be punished.  I don’t think he hold the closer’s role for whole season because of performances like this.  Here’s the play by play:

Marmol - 4.4.2013

He got a break getting the double play to end the carnage.  Kyuji Fujikawa is likely to get a shot at some point to steal the closer role.  I just love the look of a pitcher looking at the hit he just gave up and thinking about whether or not he should bother to back up up home plate.  (He did).  My greatest fear is that the Tigers are so desperate for a closer they trade for Marmol.  (Although they did just sign Jose Valverde back).  Don’t do it Detroit.  Use Phillip Coke and his beer belly or Al Albuquerque and his sweet name.