And arbitration begins….







I’ve always thought arbitration was a little funny.  My twitter feed was bombarded today with the awkward numbers of a player asking for 1 billion dollars and the club offering 100k.  In most cases, especially in other sports, this is done behind closed doors in some office with floor to ceiling glass or via Blackberry.

This strange negotiation can by made more familiar with a common story from home.  At the end of the week my kid comes to me and says that he thinks he should get $10 for allowance.  I say I think he should only get $5.  He then goes on to explain how all his other friends are little jerks and he is much better than them – plus he vacuumed.  I then tell him how he disappointed me this week by not handing me the remote when I asked and by accidentally punching me in balls.  We go back and forth a bit while his mother listens.  After 15 minutes she walks over and hands him $7.

Some of the more interesting arbitration numbers:

  • Reds pitchers: Mat Latos-$4.7M v $4.15M, Mike Leake-$3.5M v $2.65, Homer Bailey-$5M v $4.75M
  • Chase Headley: $10.3M v $7.075M
  • David Freese: $3.75M v $2.4M
  • Max Scherzer: $7.4M v $6.05M
  • Sergio Romo: $4.5M v $2.675M
  • Murphy’s: David $6.5M v $5.05M Daniel $3.4M v $2.55M

Good luck to all the players owners agents and lawyers.