One More Day of Sunshine

I can’t believe it. Our beautiful regular season has dwindled down to just one final day. It’s like that sad part of the candle that’s all crumpled wax and barely any wick left. It’s been a wonderful, memorable spring and summer. This has been the most enjoyable season of my adult life. So many amazing storylines. It delivered everything I wanted to see in a regular season and then some.

I find myself so preoccupied worrying about the Reds and their postseason destiny that I almost forget what is going on around me in the baseball world. Miguel Cabrera is closing in on a TRIPLE CROWN today (and he’s not sitting to preserve it)! Bryce Harper didn’t flop, but rather had the type of 19-year old season that a future legend in this game would have (4.8 fWAR).

Then there’s Mike Trout. Glorious Mike Trout. A 10.3 fWAR in his own right, he single-handedly willed the Angels back into the race until the final few days. He’s been just unbelievable to watch all season long.

Not to mention my fantasy rotisserie baseball league championship run comes down to today, and I could still lose it. We’ll find out where the Reds are headed by the time the sun sets and possibly by the time most people get off work. The Yankees and Baltimore are in for a wild finish this evening for the divisional crown. It’s going to be a fast and furious couple of days for our sport–with a brief pause in there tomorrow. For a baseball fan, this is the time to really enjoy the greatest forms of excitement and drama the game has to offer.

Another summer gone and just a few battles left. A lucky few will be carved out forever as immortals, while most will be forgotten. I’ll always remember the glorious regular season that 2012 provided me with.