The Baseball Show: Spring Has Arrived

Last night on The Baseball Show co-hosts Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and MJ Lloyd of Off-Base Percentage and I discussed the following:

-With spring training in session, which starts are we impressed by?
-Basic fantasy baseball talk in leading up to our fantasy draft next week
-Bryce Harper talk (which probably should become a weekly, formal segment)
-How does Brett Lawrie compare with Ryan Braun?
-Is Matt Moore a candidate to have arm problems?
-MLB ’12 The Show
-Collecting (MJ opened a box of Bowman Chrome before the show began)
-As always, much more in between.

If you like baseball and you have a few minutes on a Friday or over the weekend and want to hear a couple guys bullshitting late-night about all things on the diamond, you will enjoy the show.