National League Division Series Wednesday

Paul “Big Hit” Goldschmidt and the Arizona D-Backs got a big 8-1 win against the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday in game three of the NLDS. The Cardinals dropped their game in St. Louis 3-2 to the Phillies. Both series are now at 2 game to 1 and we’ve got some big time baseball on television tonight and both will be ‘elimination games’ for Arizona and St. Louis.

If you’re a baseball fan outside of Philly or Milwaukee you’re pulling for a couple of game fives, I would think.

The Yankees did their part last night in giving us at least one game five of this first round–and now you we’ll have a chance for three. Now one thing to worry about is that these NLDS possible game 5’s would take place on Friday night. And my wife is really good at arranging plans on Fridays so there is a remote possibility that I would see absolutely none of either game. Or just the tail end of the second game when Philly is crushing St. Louis and Milwaukee has already won.

But let’s just worry about first things first here. We hope the D-Backs and Cardinals handle their business tonight and provide the sport with some fall drama beyond what will go down at New Yankee Stadium tomorrow evening.