The Manny Experiment didn't do a lot in ChiTown

It’s not that acquiring Manny Ramirez has backfired for the White Sox, it’s just that it’s been indifferent.

Ramirez did draw a walk and score a run in the sixth inning, but he whiffed in three at-bats where a hit of any kind could have dramatically changed the game. Chicago’s playoff chances were already slim when they acquired Ramirez, they’ve gone 7-5 in his 12 games, and he’s hitting .270 with a .400 on-base percentage, but remarkably has yet to produce an extra-base hit or drive in a run.

Last night they played a big game at home against the Minnesota Twins; it was a must have if Chicago is going to remain in things. The Sox couldn’t pull it out, and things are looking bleak as far as their postseason hopes go.

Personally, Ramirez is a hired gun at this point. While I can’t believe there are players who can put up a .900 OPS in their sleep (which he’s done this year) it’s obvious that the guy comes with certain drawbacks and isn’t the middle of the order masher that he’s became known for.

Right now, Manny is more of just a past spectacle than anything else and predictably; putting your postseason bid hopes on this guy just isn’t a safe bet. This season, or any other in the future.