Taking a break from the Reds

Tonight, two future mega-stars of this game face off in Jason Heyward and Stephen Strasburg. That’s a game I’m going to be dialed into on my MLB at-bat on my iPhone. Jason Heyward finds himself on a 9 game hitting streak in which he’s hitting .486 during the streak.

Heyward on his matchup with Strasburg:

“It’s always great to face good pitchers; it’s always great to face the best. That’s what the major leagues are about.”

Plain and simple, I need a break from the Reds. An extended break. A break I’ll return from this weekend when there is a highly anticipated showdown between them and the Braves.

The Reds are losing to teams like the Nationals, Astros, and Brewers. That’s not going to get it done this year folks. We’re so very close, but the Reds aren’t cutting the mustard and getting those wins now that they’ll fall short of getting in late August and September. Jay Bruce has had the worst month of his career and hasn’t homered in 84 at-bats. He has 1 home run in about 150 at-bats. Clearly, this is not the player I was expecting this year. I’m extremely disappointed in the lack of power and production that he has put forth this year. Extremely. I think you have to wonder what you really have in the guy.

So my goal is this week, to turn my head from the Reds in order to sway the baseball Gods. I guess, in actuality; I’ll only miss tonight and tomorrow night’s game if I decide to watch the Friday matchup between the Reds and the Braves. At the latest, I’ll want to catch Saturday’s national game on FOX between the two teams.

But as I promised a friend last night (and I only watched an at-bat or two of the game last night in Milwaukee and listened to the rest at the gym), I’m taking the week off from the Reds.