Nice representation of the Reds fan base

The same organization who thought it would give them a black eye to let a horrific blogger like me interview a player lets this guy appear on television each and every night as a member of the fan base (the guy on right before him isn’t much better either just minus the hideous suspenders and farmer John hat).
I’ve got nothing against trying to appeal to the blue collar sector of your fan base. I think it’s smart marketing to a degree and that’s what they’re attempting to do. However, this guy is either an actor and they really over-did it on the act a little bit or they need to get him off the air because the rest of the fan base is laughing at it like it’s a joke–as a friend and I did when we saw the commercial aired.
If anyone has youtube of this commercial, I’ll send you a free copy of my book when I write it.

I mean, what’s he doing? Is he trying to fart?

Hat tip to our boy Mo Egger who finds everything.