We still need to get to Dodger Stadium (and LA)

We’ve always wanted to see Dodger Stadium, and we will get there one day before it’s torn down. That said, stories like this will not detour our interest:

“The biggest issue is the damn parking lot, which works to undermine the whole experience of being a Dodger fan and certainly the image we have. Everybody thinks Dodgers fans show up late, and leave early. And you know what? It’s true. Due to the shitty parking lot that takes for-fucking-ever to exit after a game, coupled with the insanity of SoCal traffic, and considering that a ton of Dodgers fans are admittedly idiotic assholes (there is a lot of crossover between Dodgers and Raiders fans), every Dodgers game features the annoyingly late attendance of about half the crowd, and the early exit by about the same amount. To make matters worse, the same half who show up late and leave early spend the entire time playing with goddamn beach balls and talking about whether they should leave before or after the Dodgers bat in the eighth. If a committed fan feels the urge to yell, jeer, or to stand up for any moment other than immediately after a homerun, they are pretty much alone in doing so and are sometimes outright mocked by other fans who are seemingly so road-weary that they can’t be bothered to actually pay attention to something they just spent all their drug money on. So, sometimes, even when they’re winning, or in an exciting season like this one, it’s just not that fun to be at a Dodgers game and the parking lot that the O’Malleys designed when they brought the team to Chavez Ravine is 90% responsible for that.” [Deadspin]