Chipper Jones considering retirement in 2010?

Chipper Jones has acknowledged the fact that his numbers are subpar for his standards this season. And if things continue this way, we’re seeing the twilight of a legendary career.

Jones says that ‘if he isn’t having fun or putting up better numbers he’s not going to hang around and hamstring a ball club with the money he is making’. Chipper sits 609 base hits shy of the magical 3,000. What’s amazing to think about is as good as he’s been for as long as he’s been around, he’s still about 5 seasons of productivity away from the milestone. That should allow someone to realize the longevity and just how good you must be to even have a shot at 3,000. It’s utterly amazing.

Chipper is a gamer. A cowboy in cleats. We hope that he sticks around a few more years. We hate change and Chipper no longer suiting up for the Bravos would be an odd thing for us as baseball fans. At the same time, we respect a guy who doesn’t wanna hang around too long. He’s always struck us as a guy who is too proud to be that guy anyways.