Reaction to the Raul Ibanez Steroid accusations

There’s starting to be a little reaction the the recent guffaw surrounding the accusations made by Midwest Sports Fans about Raul Ibanez.

First off, it was tastefully done. We had to kick ourselves a little bit when we saw that this blogger was all over ESPN and the rest of the blogosphere for basically expressing an idea that we had decided against. Just weeks before all this came out, we were talking to a friend about doing a ‘Steroid Witchhunt’ on Raul Ibanez. And it wouldn’t have been done in jest.
We have to think that Ibanez is doing something different as well. While he preaches his consistency, he’s just putting up too big of numbers right now to be doing this all naturally. When that happens, of course you’re going to get some accusations of PED usage.
Granted, Ibanez is hitting in a lineup right now that is probably as good as he’s ever been in; but he’s never hit like this in his career. When he points towards all the reasons of his innocence, I simply look at it as ‘how many times have we heard that before’? I’ll never forget knowing that I got duped by Rafael Palmeiro, and then Sammy Sosa, and then Roger Clemens, and then Alex Rodriguez, and most recently Manny Ramirez. These guys aren’t going to come out and say that they’re guilty. It’s not in their makeup.
If anything, Ibanez’s resistance to the allegations make him look a little overly sensitive and quite frankly, more guilty. We think Ibanez should have kept his mouth shut and if indeed his poop, pee, hair, etc. was tested enough; there’d be some more smoke where there was fire.