We'll always be hyping your ass

This post was originally done as a joke. Obviously if you come to this blog you know how we really feel about Jay Bruce. He is like Aerosmith (the kings of rock), there is none higher. We were being superstitious, idiot fans (which is all any sports blog writer is at heart) and we were trying to change up Jay’s luck by instead of hyping him (like we usually do), reversing the psychology or as we joked with some friends; trying to trick the baseball Gods. Because the only reason Jay isn’t a sure fire All Star right now is simply bad luck. Read about it.

We aren’t just like the typical fan who loves you when you’re great and hates you when you lose, and that’s why what this original post said was so shitty. Jay is the type of player you have your kid look up to. He’s the type of guy (one of the few still in sports these days) that makes being a fan still truly worth it. That’s because he cares for the right reasons and he’s a good person.

We’re with Jay Bruce win or lose. Your favorite player in your favorite sport is not something you can just up and abandon. Believe us, if we could get into the batters box with him and help him hit or succeed; there’s no doubting that if that was a possibility; that we would do it. Keep in mind this is a humor blog a lot of the time and not everything on here should be taken seriously. Not all the time.

We read everything we can. We’ve been fans of baseball for a very long time. We’ve played the game everyday at one point in our lives so we know how bad luck can play a factor as it has for Jay. We understand a slump. We get it. We see it. Red Reporter sums it up better then we ever could. Jay Bruce is still the driving force behind Diamond Hoggers more than any player in baseball.

Jay, if you ever see this; we love you dude. We believe in you as much or more as anyone on this earth could and we’ve never let anyone say a bad word about you, much like we defend family members. It’s sad, we know.

So folks, move along. When the dust has settled and time has passed, Jay Bruce will be one of the finest hitters in all of baseball. AND he’s a Cincinnati Red. You can’t have him, Yankees.

When The Deal goes out tonight or the next night or this weekend and hits line drives all over the park, you heard it here first. And if you need a reminder of how we’ve felt about Jay since day one, look no further.