Dipper Review: Grizzly Wintergreen Fine Cut

The other day at the gas station on my way out the door I spotted it. A friend of mine from Michigan has been telling me that I simply must try this “Welfare Bear”. I figure my wallet isn’t as fat as it’s ever been, why not. I throw this little beauty on top of my Skoal Straight and out I go.

Now I thought I was getting wintergreen long cut. Which always seems to be the one flavor that knocks me on my ass enough. Little did I know that in my hurried state, I picked up fine cut! Let me tell you, I really don’t understand anymore why any man would pick up a tin (or can as some of you woodsmen call it) of fine cut anything! It can take a great and flavorful brand of dip and turn it into pure shit in a hurry. As one friend put it: “Fine cut turns into a messy experience in a hurry”.

That’s the truth. I even know one acquaintance who used to chew it now and then and would insert it with a small spoon. What fun is that? You already look like a dipshit enough when you chew. Why would you want to go through the whole ‘excuse me let me use my small spoon’ act to put one in? So first off, when you’re doing this fine cut prepare to spill it all down the front of you and all over your carpet at your place, or all over your fucking car more then you do the usual dip. That much is a given.

After putting in one of these little boogers you’ll realize that after your first spit, half the pinch is gone. So prepare for an add-on and even more mess. Now it’s flavorful, no doubt. It will make the casual and novice dipper probably turn pale and maybe puke. The veteran dip man will probably even get a decent buzz. Flavor is the best part of this dip.

At the end of the day, you’re left feeling very dirty and that you probably need a shower. Totally unlike you feel with a good pinch of any of the Skoal brands. I’m sure in this recession companies that product Grizzly are doing very well; but should man ever decide to splurge on quality in this area; their product will really suffer. It’s simply a painful experience and the fine cut makes it even worse. I wanted to take the can back to the gas station I bought it but I’d already sliced it open before noticing I bought this garbage.

I’m giving it a 5.5 out of a possible 10. And I’m feeling generous. If you chew this stuff on the regular you’re lying to yourself or there is something wrong with you.

  • Completely agree, fine cut is like stepping on a nest of ants except it is in your mouth. There is no firm grasp, it just runs wild. Each spit equals about one quarter of the dip so you have to keep replenishing. Not enjoyable. I would like to know from someone why they prefer fine cut. -George

    • Dude, I chew fine cut all the time and I have no problem what so ever. It isn’t a mudslide or anything if you can really dip. Plus it sits in your lip way more comforting

    • Austin

      I dip Grizzly wintergreen fine cut because it’s stronger, more flavorful, and has more nicotine than other brands or flavors. I’ve been dipping for years and still get a little buzz off of my first lip of the day. Anyone who says it makes a mess in your mouth is right, if they aren’t and experienced fine cut dipper. Just something you get used to, and lasts a good hour+. It’s my #1.

  • Fine cut has the same consistency as coffee grinds. Your tongue is gonna get a workout…it’s gonna be a short dip, no matter what…you’re gonna be pissed, bc you pack the fuck outta the tin and no matter what, you gotta redo it….fine cut is always the mistake that the Indian guy at the UDF gave you by accident.

  • Idk what yall are talking about. Fine cut is the best dip there is. Cope snuff, grizz snuff, grizz fine cut natural are all classics. Once you learn how to dip fine cut you won't want to go back. It's more flavorful and it packs a much heavier punch than long cut.

  • The trick is to not pinch so hard, and keep it very close to the front. Fine cut has more flavor, more nicotine, and for a long time was the only dip they made. Grizzly FC WG is my 2nd dip of choice, after Copenhagen Snuff. Man up, and get out of your pussy Skoal LC stage.

  • Brian

    Yeah I just got some fine cut to day and for the first time and let me tell you it’s a waste of money lol end of story

  • OrderOfSolve

    You gotta know what you’re doing to dip fine cut, it can be messy if not careful. My favorite is Grizzly snuff, with Grizzly fine cut wintergreen a close second. Copenhagen snuff is good too. A little pinch will last a long time, pack it with the tounge in the front. Can not beat the flavor burst or the nicotine satisfaction. I quit a 35 year cigarette habit with snuff and have never looked back! I love it all but for me fine cut is the way to go! Keep spittin’ all!

  • the ginger delite

    Fine cut is a hard dip too pack but it has a nice flavor. I prefer longcut but in a wait for it……. PINCH fine cut will do just fine. i like too combine a little fine cut natural and a little grizz winter green. The flavor is incredible and you get really good juice.

  • Jp

    You think picking up a tin of fine cut is bad. I picked up a tub of stokers. Equal to 10 tins and i didnt realize til i went to throw a lip in that it was fine cut. Now im stuck with this shit

  • GrizzTastic

    The benefits of FCC are more nicotine, more and better flavor, and best of all for me, it doesn’t wear the shit out of your lip. I was goin through a can a day of LC and by the end of the day my gums and lip would be raw. I go through a can a day of FC and no longer have that problem. It took some getting used to but I now realize FC is way better and you will feel more like a man when your buddies pull out their long cut and their pouches and then you pull out your FC or Snuff. Lol.

  • But the shit (FC) still gets all over your damn mouth. There’s just no solving it. And I’m open-minded about it.

  • FineCutJunky

    Here’s the trick fellas. When you dip fine cut, pack your can hard, real hard. Then use your thumb, index AND middle finger to pinch with. Don’t waste time and effort trying to do like you do with long cut and pack the dip into a wad, now, take this pinch and put it in the SIDE of your jaw. Use your tongue to push it all down AND THEN take your fingers on the outside of your jaw and squeeze it down till it’s nice and compact.

    Bingo bango you just packed down the fine cut and it will stay put and kick your ass. Fine cut just takes practice, the flavor is better, the surface area of the tobacco is greater, the finer cut doesn’t tear your jaw and lips up.

    Enjoy the buzz, you just properly packed a lip of fine cut.

  • Shane

    The way your talking I swear you’ve never even dipped before. And your friend that uses the spoon to put it in is retarded. You throw in a pinch of fine cut the same way you do long cut. Put it in the front and move it to the sides. I prefer fine cut because it sits in my mouth better. I can’t stand the fact that with long cut I always feel like my mouth is puffing out because I take big pinches and with fine cut it sits in my mouth better and if you put it in right you don’t have to worry about “replenishing your pinch”

  • curtis

    i love grizzly fine cut wintergreen it is my number one dip.

  • John

    This review had me absolutely dying. Completely true. Fine cut just isn’t worth the extra buzz for the mess you have to deal with.

  • jayw1990

    Dude fine cut was all they had until Kodiak in 1982 then Skoal my dad cant chew anything but the Skoal fc green I enjoy it once in awhile and cope snuff its jus a different tequnique to keep in the mouth but I do feel it can’t be good for your teeth I’m a skoal lc green guy myself but my first dip was my dads skoal fc green it saddens me so many got away from Skoal and cope and Kodiak …….quality used to be the most important thing with dippers but everyone in my generation doing the discount brands but I just can’t especially cheap WG brands skoal WG has its own flavor while every other WG including cope and Kodiak have that taste like grizzly its gross to me choose quality there are only 3 brands that truly have quality in my opinion I’ve tried every american dip hoping to stop Skoal to save money but it won’t happen I love my Skoal Green