For all the Cinco de Mayos, Past & Present

Let us not forget, it is Cinco de Mayo. Back in our drinking days, this was a very big day for us. And we’re not sure why. It was a great excuse to party on some patio of any old bar in town. The warm weather, the beer, the baseball. What else does a man need? In college it was the time of year where you went No Holds Barred and turned every night into a 28 beer blackout affair. You live, you learn, you grow up, you get sick, you can no longer drink like a frat boy. Shit happens.

But we have to grin on this day because it’s the unofficial Adam Dunn day. No one but us would ever realize this but it’s always a day when Adam Dunn seems to go out and hit a big home run. Go back and check his game logs from May 5ths of years past. The guy loves May 5th. And although now he’s hitting his Playstation-style homers in another big league city, we don’t forget the great nights he gave us even more reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo for all those years in the past. And who are we kidding. He probably went out and had himself about 15 Coronas post-game on his own.

Don’t be surprised if he hits a dinger today before it’s through (he’s 0 for 2 thus far in Washington).

And now in honor of the Dunner, a little Night Ranger. He walked up to the plate to Sister Christian during his entire time in Cincinnati. Ah, those were the days.