On the latest A-Rod allegations

You’ve probably heard your fair share about Alex Rodriguez and the latest bit of rumors surrounding the injured slugger. If not, here you go:

Among the tales contained in the forthcoming tome: more accusations of HGH use, this time with the Yankees (and Kevin Brown), A-Rod’s nasty poker habit, his “out-of-town floozies”, conspiracies with players on opposing teams to pad stats, and allegations from former teammates—and Jose Canseco!—that Alex was on steroids as early as his high school career.

Thinking about it all this morning, we decided this. Remember last summer when ESPN wrote the article about Pete Rose and Alex Rodriguez being ‘unlikely BFFs’? Rodriguez at this point in his life probably likes or at the very least doesn’t mind all these allegations. He doesn’t know what type of image he would like to portray. Rodriguez has a serious identity complex. He has never known whether he wanted to be the All American boy, or come off as this generation’s Pete Rose; a great player with some black eyes.

When you look back at everything Rodriguez has done, you see a guy who has had no idea how to handle all of his time in the spotlight. He was asked to carry the proverbial belt for the federation, and he just hasn’t known whether to shit or wind his watch since then. The guy is lost, and to a degree you have to feel sorry for someone who really has it all but all in the same has nothing because it is obvious that this diva has no idea who he is inside.

Of all the new allegations, the one we couldn’t get out of our head is the notion that Rodriguez stole signs and expected the same in return. We played the game, and if this is something you are doing you don’t do it to a degree where anyone else finds out about it; save a teammate or two. You certainly don’t do it to the levels where it becomes a known trait about you.

Everything adds up to what we should already have known at this point: Alex Rodriguez is a complete scum bag. And he knows it. The guilt is in his silence. At this point we should assume that everything we hear is true. There is too much smoke surrounded the jaded superstar to assume it’s anything but truth.

We aren’t knocking his one in a billion Jordan-esque ability. We’re just saying that one of the stars of our sport is an underwhelming and shady character. This is a guy we’ve been on the other side of the fence on. We’ve defended him and been in his corner. At this point however, the guy will finish out his days as a loser in our book no matter how many numbers he stockpiles.