MLB 2k9 hits stores this coming tuesday morning. To celebrate the release of the game we will have ‘2k day’ here on the blog and we’ll take some screen shots and give some basic reviews about the game and such; as long as it doesn’t suck. In case you don’t like video games this is supposed to be the premiere game for XBOX 360 users, maybe because it’s the only game in town. We’ll throw in a hogleg and give it a whirl with time to kill before Opening Day a video game should hit the spot nicely.

  • Clint, if you’re still in Columbus, Westpointe Video Games has it today, for the PS3. They didn’t have the 360 version yet but still were expecting shipments in today. It’s worth a shot, their number is 614-777-5500.

  • Thanks for the tip! I’ll give them a call brotha.

  • Scratch that, after two hours of driving and getting into Columbus at rush hour, when I got to the store the lady hands me a nice, new copy of… The Show. After two separate people called them and they confirmed it was 2K9. Shiiiiiiiit! Sorry for the mis-information, I’m still waiting for Tuesday just like everyone else.