On a 1 to 10 scale, what do you give Jennifer Utley?

It’s a very slow day, so we’ll throw up a baseball wife and hopefully get a few intersting looks.

Here’s Jennifer Utley, who UmpBump found with her puppies.

Chase married the former Jennifer Cooper, a San Francisco native with family ties to the Philadelphia area, back in January of 2007, but the two actually met when they were both students at UCLA. In an ironic twist, given Utley’s later career in Philadelphia, they were actually introduced by former Eagles wide receiver and lightning rod Freddie Mitchell, who was friends with Chase and freshman-year dormmates with Jen.

At first glance, she looks pretty average. But if you click through to UmpBump you will see that she’s actually one who grows on you. She’s at least solid ‘8’ material and maybe a little more. You have to like her a little bit because she seems like she doesn’t mind being a plain Jane at times. Just throwing a ballcap on and some jeans. At the same time, I guess it’s pretty lame to rate the wives of ballplayers; since they would never be available in any walk of life no matter what. They’re married to an MLB player. Might as well have married a rock star.

As we said, it’s a slow day.