Looking back, RBI Baseball 93 was somewhat Hideous

I remember the 4th of July in 1993 like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my room playing this very game, owning the world with Frank Thomas on the game. I had it all. Big Frank smacked pitch after pitch all the way out of every stadium. 600 foot home runs were just another day at the office. Jack McDowell was handling his business on the pitching rubber.

Then my mom came into my room, turned off my Sega Genesis and said to get my ass in the basement. We were having a tornado warning. A traumatizing thing for a kid. I was about to sweep the World Series woman! This was before the day of memory cards! I didn’t have that shit saved. She made me gather all the family photo albums and huddle into a corner in the basement. The crazy neighbor called and said tornadoes were surrounding us at every avenue. That night came and went with no tornado. And when I turned my game back on I was too tired to try and sweep another World Series.

The game had pretty good gameplay. It had the all new ‘RBI Gamebreakers’. where you would be put into a game with 2 down, runner on second, and you’ve got to get him home to beat the scenario. Hideous was the ‘Tengen Vision’ (a mock off MLB Stadiums Diamond Vision) and of course the fact your little leadoff hitter could jack them 500 feet.

But the sport was really booming back then. We didn’t know how good we had it.