Reds lose to Houston 3-1

There’s only one reason to watch this team anymore. That reason is Jay Bruce (unless you’re happy with the ‘talented’ young pitching staff).

Hal Mccoy of the Dayton Daily News:

Speaking of exuberance, I told Jay Bruce today that fans appreciate the way he and Joey Votto play hard every day, try hard every day, despite their location in the standings.

“That’s how I play, how I was taught, how I learned – the only way I know how,” said Bruce.

“It’s all about playing the game the right way, no matter how bad it is and how bad it looks or how much you struggle as a team.”

Bruce has a promise for frustrated fans who have born witness to eight years of miserable, lousy, frustratingly bad baseball.

“Not only me and Joey Votto, but the whole team is going to be fun to watch for a long time and in the near future,” he said. “This team is going to be fun to watch play. I know fans are tired of hearing it, but just be patient a little while longer.

So about the ballgame. We spent the majority of the game at our father’s farm, checking the game score on our cell phone. Bronson Arroyo didn’t pitch badly by any means. It’s hard to believe he’s been the best pitcher since the All-Star break for the Reds. Brian Moeller threw better. The former Red (who did us little good after being acquired for the stretch run) beat the Reds for the second time in just over a week.

The Reds collected only 5 hits on the night and Adam Dunn struck out on a full count Jose Valverde fastball to end the game.

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