And you thought Mike Mussina was too old

We thought that we needed to point out that at the moment Mike Mussina is 6-3 with an ERA under 4. Mussina has been as much of an ace as any pitcher in pinstripes this season, and has been pitching with a season-long Billy Chappel like rejuvance.

We admit, we thought Mussina was done during most of last season and we had him left for dead for 2008. He hasn’t walked the plank yet, and they’re even talking about the possibility of Mussina winning 20 games for the Yankees this season. We think that might be pushing it a bit too far, but honestly. If we’d have bet you that Mussina was going to win 15-18 games this season and be the Yankees most consistent pitcher; you would have told us we were fucking crazy and asked us to double the bet.

Where would the Yankees be right now without Mussina? Several more games behind the Tampa Bay Rays, that’s where.