If Cincinnati doesn't get their shit together, I'm out

Cincinnati is talking about trading Homer Bailey and Josh Hamilton to land a 1-year relative wonder in Erik Bedard (Baltimore). I’m not liking this one bit. It’s very hard for me to sit back and watch as the Reds contemplate picking apart pieces of their future for the NOW. Some Reds fans will say that they want to contend now, they’re sick of next year. I can understand that because they’ve been poor for so long. However, if the Reds hang onto guys like Bailey and Josh Hamilton (who we have no idea what their ceiling could be), we are looking at around a 5 year window of contention, instead of the 1 or 2 years we might be able to contend now if they trade away the Hamiltons, Baileys, and Joe Vottos of today.

In short I’ve really had enough of the Reds. If they trade any of these guys they lose my support and the revenue I’d spend on going to watch them. They’ve already screwed up a situation in which they could extend Adam Dunn to a long-term contract and build around him. I’m about thisclose to being an Indians fan forever, because they simply know how to build a team. They lock up their young talent, treasure it, build around it. The Reds don’t have a fucking clue.