My first fantasy baseball trade of the season

Well here goes Hoggers, let me know what you think of this deal I just pulled off saturday night. I think I definitely got the better of the deal, seeing as how I was looking for good starting pitching and I didn’t want to compromise too much hitting in the process.

Legendary Hillbillys III (me) got:

Justin Verlander, Detroit
Jered Weaver, Anaheim

Rabbid Weinerdogs (opponent) got:

Chipper Jones, Atlanta
Chad Cordero, Washington

My thinking is that I lose out on Chipper Jones, who is having a fine season. Chipper is pretty injury prone and could be one small step from missing major time. My team can already mash. I need to pick up some major pitching statistics and that is what I acquired. I also give up some saves, which I am in 2nd with comfortably ahead and still owning David Weathers, Mariano Rivera, Todd Jones and Takashi Saito to keep my head above water in that category.

I now have a starting pitching staff of Verlander, Jered Weaver, Homer Bailey, Carlos Zambrano, Jeremy Guthrie, A.J. Burnett and Chien-Ming Wang. That is a pretty nasty staff I’ve compiled when you account that I originally started with just Zambrano, Wang, and Chris Carpenter. If only Carpenter hadn’t have screwed me and would have actually given me something.

So what do you think Hoggers and fantasy buffs? Was it a good trade for me, or a great trade?