It's a prominent time for Cleveland sports

Tonight we get the second go-round between the two American League Central heavyweights. During the first series, the Indians came away with a 3-game sweet in Detroit. Game 1 tonight features a rematch of CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander. Sabathia is 7-1 on the season and Verlander is 5-1. The Indians hold a 2 1/2 game lead on the Tigers heading into these 4 games at Jacobs Field.

This could be Grady Sizemore’s (9th in AL All-Star voting) big opportunity to show Jim Leyland he deserves a spot on this year’s squad. Yeah right. If I know Leyland he’ll select Craig Monroe or several of his older homer players over anyone Indians, since we’re effectively beating that ass all year long. That’s fine, I’m sure the Tribe would rather have the division banner at year’s end than a few all-star selections. After CC Sabathia wins tonight, he’s a lock to get there.

Unfortunately, I won’t be watching these two go at it quite as closely as I’d like to. We’ve got Cavs and Pistons on tap at my place tonight. Game 5, and I’m guessing winner takes all here. Cleveland has the luxury of having two superstars playing in the same city during the same era in Sizemore and James. This is an opportunity for both of these teams to really shine.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Cleveland. Oh, just one time for Cleveland tonight sports Gods.