Dispatch awaits- The Battle of Ohio series

So friday I am blessed with the assignment of covering the opener of the Battle of Ohio series for the blog. In case you didn’t know, Ohio has 2 baseball teams, only one whom is worthwhile of watching play this season sometimes. I will also be taking my father-in-law to the ballgame. He hasn’t been to Cleveland since the early 60’s he said. Thats a long time not to see a city. After touring him around the city, I told him I’ve got to do some coverage stuff for my bit as a media member. I told him that I’m expected to get some good stuff for the Hoggers out there and that the player parking lot leading up to ‘The Jake’ is the best in the world for watching players pull in and shooting the shit with them. He seemed sold on the idea, so we’re gonna let it rip.

There’s my dear old father in law right there. One of the most pleasant of guys I’ve ever met, and he believe or not produced a speciman of a hot daughter that will become Mrs. NaturalMevs. He also loves baseball. Being from New Jersey, he’s a fan of the Yankees and Mets, and appreciates whichever one is winning more at the moment, the most. We can’t fault him for being like every other person who likes baseball in Jersey/New York.

He’s pictured above when he took me on a tour of the Battleship New Jersey. I figure that in lieu of the great time I had on that day, I owe him a nice little tour of Cleveland. If only there would be anything as interesting to show him in ‘C-Town’. A big building with Lebron on the side of it; a football stadium that is home to a cursed, moribund franchise; and at last, the masterpiece that is home to the Cleveland Indians. The Jake baby.

And oh hell yes, I’m going to want the Indians to kick some Redlegs ass. They need the wins worse than the Reds do at this point. So give me a head-dress and a tomahawk, some Indians coverage will be coming your way sans friday, or after friday I guess.