Everyone was right about the Nationals

The season is 9 games old, and the Washington Nationals sit at 1-8, their one win being a late inning come from behind win. While I predicted this team to finish in last place in the NL East, I had no idea it would happen in the fashion that it is. In fact, I was very close to not sticking them in the cellar of that division, just due to the fact that so many experts did exactly that and whenever everyone picks something completely one way, well that’s a sign to go the other way with your pick.

Things are really that bad. This could be a team that loses 110 games. It’s not just the fact that they’re losing but the way they’re doing it. This team has no identity. In those 9 games, they’ve hit 4 homeruns. Alex Rodriguez (in 1 fewer game) has 2 more homers then the entire Nationals ballclub. The lone bright spot on this team possibly, Ryan Church has two homers, while Austin Kearns and Dmitri Young have 1 a piece. Through 9 games the team hasn’t stolen a base yet. They’ve scored 21 runs, which is well below averaging even 3 runs per game. The ERA of their 5 starters is just abomible, read these babies and weep: 3.09 (ok), 4.91, 7.27, 9.82, and 9.35 in succession.

Their closer, who was a stud closer just a few years ago, Chad Cordero has thrown three innings in non-save opportunities and allowed 3 runs. I don’t know what I was thinking drafting him to be a bookend closer for me, he’s not going to have any games to save. I guess the one thing about that is that when this team does win, it should just be in squeakers. They’re simply not going to out-slug anyone.

Their manager, Manny Acta–well, who the fuck is Manny Acta?

This team is just downright bad. Opposing teams in the NL should feast on them like they are a fine rack of ribs or haggus this summer. If you even split or only win 2 out of 3 off this band of pussies you really need your ass ripped. I mean, who is their headliner? Ryan Church? Ashley Kearns? I can’t wait until the All-Star teams are anounced to see who Major League Baseball force-feeds us off of this gang of stiffs. They’re going to have to get creative, I’ll tell you that much for free.

Yeah it’s early, but not too early to tell you these guys fucking stink.