Where Is Online Sports Betting Legal in the USA

Americans love sports betting and they always did, but unfortunately, the government erected many barricades. It is difficult to fulfill their hobby without breaking the law, at least if they don’t live in one of the states that have legalized this form of online entertainment. Since UIGEA, punters found themselves between a rock and a hard place and were compelled to make difficult decisions. They could either play at offshore casinos with no security guarantees or forsake their favorite activity. Things have changed for the better and the wheels are definitely in motion to legalize sports betting in more states.

2023 is a promising year for American punters

Looking back at the progress made over the last few years, it is obvious that things are advancing in the right direction. Lawmakers are positively responding to the demands of excited punters, while also considering the financial interests of their states. The prospect of bleeding cash to foreign entities who tap into the immense potential of the American market is no longer acceptable. For too many years have punters spent large sums of bookies that were located beyond American borders that didn’t pay taxes.

A quick glance at the online sports betting market in the US will reveal some promising things. To start with, nearly half of the US states have some kind of law that regulates sports betting. “Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico were the pioneers” according to; Topsportsbetting.com — and they have the merit of paving the road to other states to pass similar laws. Nevada is of course the best example because sports betting here has been legal since 1949.

The Supreme Court tips the balance

There is hardly any consensus nationwide regarding the benefits and shortcomings of legalizing sports betting. However, lawmakers have been asking for many years to be given the freedom to decide what is better for their constituents. The Supreme Court’s decision was welcomed by them because it brought power back into the hands of individual states. There are now allowed to determine if they legalize sports betting or not.

Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Arkansas jumped on the bandwagon and made it possible for punters to bet in accord with the law. It took a bit longer for Montana, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, or Michigan residents to enjoy the same advantages, but they can now bet without breaking the law. Important steps in the same direction were made by North Carolina, Tennessee, and Colorado to pass similar laws, while New Mexico and Oregon have limited offers for local punters.

Sports betting enthusiasts on the East Coast are also optimistic about what’s 2022 will bring. That’s because Maryland and Virginia are on the verge of passing similar laws and New York is also likely to follow. Nebraska, Connecticut, and Wyoming should walk down the same path, while Ohio, California, Montana, South Carolina, California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Kentucky residents need to wait a bit longer.