What are the Dodgers chances of winning the World Series in 2022?

Off-season is always a tortuous place to be for any baseball fan, so it is great to hear the new MLB season is almost upon us. Now that the lockout situation is resolved, all sides will be working towards the new season beginning as planned in early April. Of course, all fans will be looking over their team and trying to work out how likely a World Series win might be in 2022.

LA Dodgers fans will be no exception and keen to determine how their team might fare in 2022. But is a World Series win a real possibility for the team?

What do the bookies think of the Dodgers chances in 2022?

This is a great place to start when working out whether the Dodgers have a chance of winning the World Series in 2022. Sportsbooks are no fools and employ teams of experts to determine which MLB teams might win the series. The good news for Dodgers fans is that most sportsbooks seem to have them as favorites to win right now, with odds around +500 being given by many.

A good tip to stay abreast of this is keeping tabs on the latest MLB predictions and odds on sports betting portals such as WSN.com. Doing this will help you stay up to date with the latest odds being given on the Dodgers to win and means you always know how likely it is to happen.

Why can the Dodgers win it in 2022?

We have already noted above that the bookies seem to think the Dodgers have a real chance in 2022 and seem to be the favorites to net a World Series win. This level of positivity is also shared by many baseball fans – especially those in LA! But why might 2022 be their year?

To begin with, this is an MLB franchise which is no stranger to World Series victories. Their last win was in 2020, which demonstrates they know what it takes to get over the line. In addition, their disappointing season in 2021 is something that the team will be keen to put right. This could give them the extra motivation to win in 2022.

Why else might Dodgers fans be excited for 2022?

Although the new MLB season is not yet underway, there are a few other reasons for Dodgers fans to be excited. Firstly, they just cannot have the amount of bad luck they had in 2021 again! Injuries to key players such as Corey Seagar, Cody Bellinger and Dustin May really hit the team and it is hard to imagine that so many key players would be stricken again in 2022. This should leave them with a much better chance of doing well and making a World Series run.

Of course, players are the other major reason the Dodgers are hot favorites pre-season. Their roster is stacked full of the best offensive and defensive players in the league. The recent Freddie Freeman deal for the team will have him ready to team up with players such as Bellinger and May – plus Mookie Betts and Clayton Kershaw. This amount of talent will be enough to challenge most teams in the MLB and should result in an awesome season, if they all gel into a tight unit.

Do the Dodgers need to do more to win in 2022?

Looking at the Dodgers roster for 2022 to date, the only area you might pick out as a weakness is their depth in the pitching position. While Kershaw, Buehler and Urias are a great trio of pitchers, beyond them it looks a bit thin. This is especially true with Trevor Bauer off on administrative leave indefinitely and others such as Tony Gonsolin having much to prove still. If they can strengthen further in this area, the team is looking very solid.

World Series in 2022 a possibility for the Dodgers

With the arrival of Brandon Gomes as GM also a positive, it is fair to say that, for now, everything looks to be in place for a strong Dodgers World Series challenge. Many people were saying the same thing in 2021 though and it did not quite pan out as expected. As noted above though, the team from LA did have bad luck with injuries last year. If they can avoid this in 2022, show the same kind of form as in 2020 and integrate their new players well, they should be a real force.