3 Popular Baseball Related Books

Within this article we will talk about three popular baseball related books.

First off, we want to talk about ‘If I Never Get Back: A Novel’ by Darryl Brock. Indeed, this book is waxing with nostalgia not because it deals with one of the oldest baseball franchises in the sport within the story, but it takes the character back through time.

In the book, a  reporter named Sam Fowler is stuck in a dull job and a failing marriage when he is suddenly transported back to the summer of 1869. There, he watches a wrenching period of adjustment unfold, but suddenly feels rejuvenated by his involvement with the nation’s first pro baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

Another one you can’t go wrong with we have mentioned before is ‘The Bad Guys Won’ by Jeff Pearlman.

Focusing on the 1986 New York Mets, it takes you through the wild characters and times of Darryl, Doc, and all the rest of those magical players that brought an unlikely championship to the Big Apple during a wild summer. While that team should have won many championships, they only ever got that one.

Finally, a page turner on The Mick himself called ‘The Last Boy’ by Jane Leavy. Truly this was an easy read for as long as it is, and takes you through the beginning of Mantle’s life right down to every detail of the bitter end. Surely there have been a ton of books written on Mickey Mantle beforehand, but this one seemed to tie everything together better than anyone else.

During this period where we are waiting on baseball to strike up a labor agreement; or even talks, it’s key to find something good to read to scratch your itch for the national past time. We’re confident any of these will do just that.