Once Upon A Time in Queens: Part 1 & 2

Well, that was awesome. Tonight on ESPN was ‘Once Upon a Time in Queens’ parts one and two. Here are some highlights, but the entire first two episodes were must watch.

It’s hard to single out my favorite part so far – but the 1986 Mets are a Jeopardy category in my life I can master. I would say at the end of the second episode with the 80’s tunes playing and Darryl Strawberry ripping long home runs to tie a game as Ronald Reagan speaks and lights up the Statue of Liberty was probably the apex.

This is one of the better baseball documentaries I’ve seen so far. Seeing the way they built those Mets from the early 80’s is really amazing, built by a man named Frank Cashen who isn’t mentioned enough in baseball lore.

That being said, they producers probably could have went more than a four-part series on this, it feels a little rushed in the put together. Still, with two episodes to go, I am pleasantly surprised at this 30 for 30 effort that focuses on one of baseball’s hardest rock teams of all-time.