A 30 for 30 on the Wild 1980’s Mets is Coming Soon

It’s hard to pass up writing about this one. Next week, an ESPN 30 for 30 titled ‘Once Upon a Time in Queens’ so majestically will air about the 1986 Mets.

The series will be a four-part documentary taking place over the course of two nights. Now, I feel like I know almost all there is to know on this particular subject in baseball lore. However it seems like the viewer is in for some surprises

For instance, Doc Gooden supposedly asked for the name of Len Bias’ cocaine dealer in the wake of his death. Also, it seems like we will get an up close and personal look at Lenny Dykstra, who is going to play the Death of a Salesman character in this play. 

I can’t wait to see it and I had not previously heard of it until tonight. Get ready to climb aboard a time machine and go back to the 1980’s in Queens for a little storytelling about once was before everything got so fucked up.