What Has Gotten Into Joey Votto?

You might have heard, Joey Votto is capping off a Hall of Fame career with an age-37 season that will serve as a highlight on the back of his baseball card.

Recalling the days of his 2010 MVP season, he’s been on a second half tear that really came out of nowhere. It’s seen his average shoot up to .285 and his OPS to .957.

Votto now has 14 home runs in 24 games since the All-Star break (including 2 on Wednesday night).

At the All-Star break, Votto was tied for 43rd in the National League in HR this season, with 11. He’s now tied for 2nd, trailing only Fernando Tatis Jr. since that time.

Without question, it deserves being chronicled on the blog. Votto may not do enough in the end to get the now 62-54 Reds into the postseason, but it’s entirely possible he will help cost me not one but two fantasy league titles because he was an undrafted claim by two opponents I trail late.

Votto is such an odd character. With 1,997 career hits at the end of play tonight, it wouldn’t be shocking to see him try to play until age 41 or 42 to try to get closer to 3,000. It’s cool he’s done it all in one city and still earning his pay with a .583 slugging percentage that rivals just about anyone.

At the end of the day, it’s been a performance that anyone who follows the game must stand up and take notice of. He’s a great hitter, and that tool seems to have returned like a fine wine.