Vladimir Guerrero Dominated Fenway Park Like He Was Godzilla All Weekend Long

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Emphatically, this was the the weekend. Without any debate, at the current moment, you can say that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. holds the World Title belt as being the best hitter in all of baseball and you’re not going to hear much argument from people.

Guerrero Jr. is doing things at such an impressive rate, it’s nearly impossible to write about them all. Obviously, he did hit his 21st home run of the year against the Red Sox and collected three more hits in helping Toronto to an 18-4 win.

Certainly we have seen in past years; a number of players go on to have these type of seasons that felt similar to how this feels. For instance, Bryce Harper and Cody Bellinger’s Most Valuable Player years come to mind. A number of Mike Trout stretches throughout his glorious career do the same.

Really, this is similar to a Pujols type year back in the early 2000’s where it was just no surprise when a guy filled the stat sheet day after day with seemingly no way for the opposition to get him out.

I’ll admit, while Guerrero Jr.’s talent always interested me, I never quite thought he would dominate in this fashion and have Ken Rosenthal talk about him doing it for the next decade.

However 63 games in he’s hitting .344 with 21 home runs and 55 RBI to go along with a 1.137 OPS. This works out to be about a 54 home run pace, 141 RBI, and he’s even stealing bases now. Yes, he stole a base on Saturday and for funsies, he tried to swipe a second one and managed to look like a base stealer.

Guerrero Jr. doesn’t seem to have an ounce of entitlement I always worried about him having in growing up without struggle. Instead, it’s just natural God-given second generation talent and if he never has another season like this one, he’s providing people with a lot of fun baseball.