White Sox News: Chicago Expects Luis Robert to Return in 2021

The first part of good news is that the Chicago White Sox are 39-24 on the year. However, it seems more good news is on the horizon for the first-place Southsiders.

According to reports, the White Sox expect to get back outfielders Luis Robert and Eloy Jimenez back in 2021 at some point.

While nothing is for certain when talking about the return from such a gruesome injury, the word ‘optimistic’ was used by general manager Rick Hahn when asked about the status of two of the team’s most important position players.

“Both (Robert) and Eloy are progressing well,” Hahn said. “Their trajectories are both good, and we remain optimistic on both returning at some point this year. Ultimately, on both players, just sort of manage what is coming next. On both players, at some point, we would hope to be able to say they’ve been cleared to resume baseball activities. At that point, given how much time they’ve missed, it’s still going to be a several-week process before they are ready for a rehab assignment. That would be the next stage. And only once they are headed for rehab assignment am I going to be able to give you a satisfying answer when can we expect them back. Each of them are deep into Phase 1 (of their recoveries) and closing in on getting ready for Part 2, which is the clearance and resumption of baseball activity.”

Without question, baseball activities are a good thing. If they could manager to plug Robert back in sometime in late August or even early September, this is a team that people should expect to see make a deep run in October.

Robert is just one of those guys that when he gets off the bus to play the game, you can take a look at him and you know that he’s going to make an impact whether with his bat, his speed, or his glove. He’s going to be an electrifying talent at some point in baseball.