Blue Jays Squander Huge Night from Guerrero Jr. at Fenway

[Box Score]

Right now, the Toronto Blue Jays are a team that has a clear weakness: their bullpen. Therefore, it didn’t matter that Vladdy Guerrero Jr. helped spot them a nice 5-1 lead with his 19th home run of the season. It was a monstrous blast over the Green Monster to a part of the park you usually don’t see balls hit to, even in video games.

Prior to that, he had walked, singled, and doubled. But back to the home run. Before we get to the meltdown that cost the Blue Jays a victory and led to a 6-5 Boston improbable win, take a look at the ball that left the yard.

So was this Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s most impressive home run of 2021? You be the judge:

From there, the Blue Jays gave the ball to Tyler Chatwood who melted down and let the Red Sox cut the lead to 5-4. After that, we saw Carl Edwards Jr. and Rafael Dolis choke up the lead.

Still, the Blue Jays have a Triple Crown contender on the roster and he’s 22 years old. Pardon the graphic snapped on my iPhone.

At the current moment, he leads the American League in average, home runs, and RBI. I’m not sure what his current pace is, but it’s been an incredible season for the second generation slugger. Toronto looks like the .500 team I had them pegged as.