White Sox: A Luis Robert Injury Return Angle To File Away

Sometimes I can sense the future before it happens in baseball. For instance, I said the White Sox would be the best team in baseball this year. Even without Eloy Jimenez and now Luis Robert, the White Sox have the fewest losses of any team in baseball and sit at a pretty 19-13.

In my opinion, they have as much staying power as anyone because they play really solid baseball, have a ton of pitching, and still have enough of a lineup with the emergence of Yermín Mercedes to cause teams problems in a league where teams really aren’t hitting much.

First, let’s look at the most horrifying injury of any player in a while in terms of guys we were looking forward to watching all year.

Truly, this was awful to see live. Now, Jeff Passan says that if things go well, Robert can look for a return in late August. The White Sox have said that Robert will avoid surgery because the timetable to return is the same.

My prediction is that this will happen and the White Sox will somehow have one of baseball’s best records at this time. While Robert won’t be able to put up any eye popping numbers, he’s going to have the chance to factor in during a pennant race and potentially a postseason where the South Siders can get deep into October.

Elite young athletes sometimes get injured because of their stature. By the same token, they’re able to recover in superhuman time frames. I don’t suspect that we have seen the last of Robert this year, and think that the White Sox will be surging around the time that he and Eloy Jimenez return.

In the meantime they’ll lean on Jose Abreu, Mercedes, Tim Anderson and that great pitching staff to stay within striking distance. And for all those progressives out there who want to attack Tony La Russa for every move he makes, he’s going to show why he’s one of the greatest to ever manage while missing possibly his two most crucial position players. There’s no better way for him to stick it to people, and he will.

Therefore, file this away in your memory bank if this opinion piece reached your eyes.