Jay Bruce Retires as a Yankee Sunday

It’s a funny thing. You remember 13 years ago like it was yesterday, and it goes by in the blink of an eye. A player is born out of the minor leagues, dropped into a big league park like a brand new Ferrari driven off the lot. If he’s good, he runs like a stallion for a while and it appears there will be no end in sight. Then the end comes pretty swiftly, even for guys who appear to be the best. Jay Bruce retired today from baseball, showing us just how quickly time can go by.

Just like that a 13-year career has ended. Bruce announced via Ken Rosenthal that he would retire following Sunday’s game at Yankee Stadium.

It puts a lot of things in perspective when a guy you followed from the prospect age retires. First, you realize all they did accomplish and still all they didn’t that seemed plausible when they were called up. There were times when Bruce would get on a roll, and he would be the hottest hitter I’ve ever seen in 30 years watching the game of baseball. 

However as good as he actually was and with all he accomplished he never won an MVP. He never appeared in a World Series. He never took part in a Home Run Derby. He didn’t make ten All-Star Games but only three. Obviously, even when you’re very good in the game of baseball for a long time, it’s hard to be legendary. 

All kinds of reactions from around baseball, and certainly we are happy for all the great memories of his playing career. 

Thanks for all the fond memories from day one until the end, like an ex-girlfriend you never fully forget they remain forever. Enjoy retirement, Jay. Truly, it was a solid big league career and arguably the best member of the 2005 Draft class.