Washington Nationals News: Two Additional Players Test Positive For Coronavirus

Damnit, we were so looking forward to watching Max Scherzer, Jacob deGrom, and Juan Soto on Opening Night in Washington. Furthermore, baseball foolishly scheduled solely this game for the first calendar of the season during the 7:00 ET time slot on television.

There was no baseball to watch because a Nationals player tested positive for COVID-19 the day before Opening Day. Now, the Nationals have more problems because two additional players have also tested positive.

It’s fitting that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s favorite club – remember the evil little man threw out a terrible first pitch last year – came down with COVID-19 as the season was set to start. Call it conspiracy, but it’s a little odd as baseball attempts to get people on board to take a shot that neither prevents the virus and isn’t safe or FDA approved.

Still, Rizzo said that he has no idea when the first game will be and commented on his additional positive ballplayers.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had two additional confirmed COVID [positive] test today,” Rizzo said. “Both are players. Both were already in quarantine due to contact tracing.”

Right now, the Nats and Mets seasons are on pause. And here we go again with this silly disaster that no player has died from.

Vaccinate away, idiots.