Reasons for Playing Golf

Ever tried golf? So, have you ever shared the interests of golfers? You can safely say that you have lost a lot, this game is very interesting and exciting. Golf is a game that unites people of all ages, gender, and class differences.

1. Age is not a hindrance to playing golf

There are statements that people start playing golf only after retirement. But, such conclusions are very far from the truth, because anyone can play golf, and at any age.

Among the people who play golf, there are 80 years old and even 5 years old, this game does not require any age restrictions. You can also start developing your hobby for golf whenever you want.

2. Golf is a game for everyone

In fact, golf is widespread throughout the world. For 500 years of its existence, golf has won over 100 million fans around the world. While playing golf, everyone can find peace of mind, spend a lot of time outdoors in nature, and have the opportunity to communicate with a wide range of people who have also chosen golf as their hobby. The same is true for the age of golfers: for example, there are about 5.3 million golfers over the age of 65 in the United States.

Golf is a versatile game that includes sports, entertainment, and outdoor recreation. In golf, great attention and respect are given to following a fair game; here honesty always remains in a place of honor.

“We decided to stick with golf because it can be played for the rest of our lives, which is not the case with other sports.”

3. Playing golf is a joy to the soul

Golf is highly regarded in the Zp area. Europe and America. Such distribution and love in the game show that in many ways she fell in love so much that it grew into a style and way of life. Recently, there has been a tendency of growing interest in the game of golf in the Ukrainian open spaces.

This game can not help but please, in golf everyone will find something for themselves.

4. Playing golf is not only interesting but also very useful.

Golfing has many benefits for developing muscles throughout the body, which in itself is very beneficial. Doctors have long recognized that the greatest benefit from those sports games that do not require strong physical exertion, but fatigue appears gradually. For a daily good physical preparation of a person, walking is just perfect, and playing golf you will have to walk enough.

5. Everyone can play golf

In order to start playing golf, special physical training is not required. Also, golf is not limited to age or gender. Golf, so to speak, is a family hobby, because even children can play it.

6. Playing golf, expands your social circle

In America, golf is the top choice for corporate entertainment. By playing this game, employees can move beyond the office framework, begin to communicate in a relaxed way, developing and strengthening their connections.

Western business schools are increasingly beginning to offer golf as a way to develop their social circle, including corporate. The very culture and tradition of golf are about mutual assistance, honesty, and fairness. The style of golf is directly influenced by the style of behavior in life and in business, and an experienced golfer will be able to notice this.

“Golf is a noble sport. It promotes awareness of ethical issues because in golf you need to count the strokes and play strictly by the rules. “

7. Equality in competition

By playing golf with a winner in many championships, anyone can win. Perhaps this is the only game that can provide this kind of equality. Both the most experienced player and the beginner can become a partner here. Well, if the competition does not make your blood boil, then you can just enjoy the game.

8. Play golf is quite economical

A large number of people around the world believe that playing golf is very expensive and that it is a game for millionaires. This opinion is not at all justified. In order to start playing golf, you will naturally need certain financial investments, but spending money is required for practicing any sport.

When buying clubs, paying for lessons by making club contributions, many forget that the clubs bought once can last about 20 – 30 years, moreover, from the beginning, it is not necessary to buy the entire set, but you can get by with some, entrance fees are always only one-time.

9. Special Benefits of Golf Clubs and Membership

Just a huge advantage of golf membership over other sports membership is that by joining the club alone, you become a member of every golf club in the world.

A lot of golfing amateurs and professionals got acquainted with this wonderful sport while on vacation in Southern Europe and did not want to part with it anymore. Since, on the southern coast, there are many fields where everyone can discover this sport.

10. You can play whenever you want

No matter how they describe the game of golf, nothing can convey all the emotions that a golfer experiences a stupa on the field and making a hit on the ball. In order to play golf, you will not need to choose some special time, you can play this game whenever you like, while it is light outside. Having tried to play golf for the first time, some immediately lose their heads, and some have a tedious time understanding all the juice of golf. Playing golf is about wonderful views, fresh air, a great company of decent people, and much more.


When playing golf, there is always something to strive for. Here everyone can become a champion, play, win and just enjoy the game!