MLB News: Survey Says Baseball Knows It Has Problems

Tonight I realized that Major League Baseball realizes the sins it’s committed, and it continues to willingly commit. Certainly, the survey on the MLB app on my iPhone started out innocently enough. Major League Baseball wanted to know my stance on the Coronavirus. Also, they wanted to know how safe I felt it was to attend various social situations including but not limited to a baseball game.  Then, things got interesting.  Before I get into that – I’ll preface it – MLB’s social media on Instagram and otherwise does nothing but alienate it’s core fan base. Let’s take a post from today for instance. Certainly, I checked in to see if MLB wanted to show off home runs hit by Mike Trout, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. or various other stars that went yard today in spring training. Indeed, that’s how this all got started on this day. However, before I show the post, let’s be clear that since last year around this time; baseball has done nothing but inject one-sided (identity politics) into their social media postings.  In fact on one occasion, I saw whoever mans the MLB official Instagram account tell long-time fans to basically piss off when baseball players protested their own business by not playing games in honor of child rapist Jacob Blake.  Now without further dialogue, here’s today’s doozy of a post. Once again, MLB has chosen to do this almost daily for a year now. 

And there it is folks. All the boxes checked: feminism, Jemele Hill, more identity politics where nod is given to a person’s skin color and not their individualism. 

I’ll say it time and again, MLB’s core fan base doesn’t want more of this, they want less. Recently I realized that when a fantasy baseball league I’ve been playing in for 15 years disbanded. Now, why did that happen? Four of the twelve league members all have said they’re done with the sport, and enough is enough. 

Without question, I know how baseball has made me feel. I care less than ever. MLB Network and MLB Radio and all the other things synonymous with this time of year and my life with baseball are no longer. Simply, I’ve had enough of this garbage. And if they’re making my colleagues and me feel this way, there are a lot of people feeling this way. 

So when baseball began to pry and ask about my earnings, the number of children I have under the age of 18, and my interest in women’s sports, I knew what was really happening with their survey. 

They’re seeing how much damage they’ve done to their game. I assure you, the one percent on social media who nod in approval for Jemele Hill and BLM don’t consume, write about, or spend money at baseball games during the summer like baseball’s core fan base. Furthermore, they don’t have the app downloaded to take the survey and tell baseball that they’re fucking everything up. 

Finally, I hope baseball sees the error in it’s ways. A professional sport is like a grocery store. There are a lot of scared white men in positions of power right now who are living in fear of being cancelled. Therefore they’re allowing identity politics and left-wing stuff that negatively effects the bottom line to reign supreme. Without question, that’s the only fallible reason I can think of that baseball would behave in the way that it has for the last year. 

Continue to be ‘woke’, baseball will continue to be less culturally dominant and important than it already is. And it’s not a pretty picture where it falls on that scale presently. 

The leftists who serve as the team beat writers aren’t the guys who who raise kids to consume the sport religiously. Nor are those who burn books and cancel cartoon characters.