The USA’s Sporting SuperStars & the League that Made Them

When it comes to producing global sporting superstars, America is, without doubt, one of the biggest and the best. Down the years the country’s sporting leagues have produced some of the most iconic and skilled sporting superstars the world has ever seen. We’re talking about individuals who are always a sure bet when it comes to greatness – and stars that have made savvy bettors a buck or two down the generations. As well as being the subject of many a bettor’s success, they have also each raised the profile of sports betting and the leagues that made them. Here we take a look at some of the brightest stars of all – the superstars of American sports. 

Geordie Howe 

There are few players who have done more for the sport of hockey and the NHL than Geordie Howe. Dominating the NHL picks and a bettor’s favourite due to his consistency and long career, Howe played for twenty six seasons in the league that he helped raise to global greatness. During his career Howe set some impressive records including 801 goals and 1049 assists. His records stood as targets for young players in the sport and were finally broken by one of Howe’s biggest fans: Wayne Gretzky. However, one record that Gretzky never took from Howe was the NHL record for most games and seasons played . A true legend and superstar, Howe will forever have a place on the list of the NHL’s 100 greatest players.

Michael Jordan 

Without doubt the greatest player ever to have graced the courts of the NBA, Jordan is a sporting icon who is instantly recognisable across the globe, and continues to be an iconic member of the NBA family as owner of the Charlotte Hornets. During his career MJ won six championships with the Chicago Bulls and the NBA itself has given him the title of “the greatest basketball player of all time”. It’s not just the awards and the stats that make Jordan a sporting superstar, but also the way in which he promoted and elevated the sport of basketball across American and the globe. Much of the sport’s enduring popularity and huge fanbase is as a result of the exposure the sport enjoyed throughout Jordan’s career. 

Babe Ruth 

When it comes to America’s sporting stars, they don’t come much brighter and more ‘super’ than George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth Jr. In a career that saw Ruth play for the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and the Boston Braves, Babe Ruth established many of the records that players dream of beating today. With over 700 career home runs and 2,213 RBI to mention only two of his astonishing records, Ruth was one of the five inaugural members elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He truly is an icon of MLB and his legacy lives on in the league and sp[ort today. He is a global name and an icon of a sport that has brought so much joy to so many in its long history in America.