Twins News: Three Straight Games Byron Buxton Has Homered For Minnesota

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It was a Saturday night in Kansas City, and what is more fun then a Saturday night in Kansas City then Byron Buxton homering for the third straight ballgame and driving in four runs?

Indeed, Buxton homered for the third straight ballgame. Once again gaining relevance after being amongst the walking dead of former no. 1 overall prospects drafted that haven’t delivered on their promise.

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli says it’s easy to see what’s going on after Buxton hit a hanging slider 419 feet. Obviously, this man is strong.

“He’s been on a lot of good fastballs, but then he’s also hit some breaking balls really hard as well,” Baldelli said. “So knowing that he can do that, for his own approach at the plate, that’s got to feel really good, knowing that you can catch up to some good heaters and then when they leave a pitch in the zone that’s spinning, still be on it.”

Since it was the first time in Buxton’s career that he homered in three straight, here’s the video:

Now, Buxton has amassed a 5-game hitting streak. Ever so slowly, he’s starting to gain some organizational confidence amongst his teammates and coaching staff. This is a guy that is fun to watch when he’s going right, and at the time being he’s the talk of baseball. Hopefully on Sunday he can finish things off to what’s been a banner weekend for him already.