Brewers: Christian Yelich Busts Out of Slump With Inside The Park Home Run

[Box Score]

When Christian Yelich signed his 9-year, $215 million dollar extension with the Milwaukee Brewers that runs through 2028; I decided it was time to hitch my wagon to him as one of my favorite players. I like him because he reminds me of a Tony Gwynn-type hit-tool with the added pop to go with it. Pound for pound, I think he’s unequivocally the best player on the planet not named Mike Trout.

Therefore when Yelich got the night off yesterday, it was because he was in the midst of one of the worst slumps I have seen him in. He had just two hits, including a monster home run against the Cubs at Wrigley Field back on the first Saturday of baseball season July 25th.

On Thursday night, I kicked off the weekend a little bit early by betting on the Brewers against the White Sox. While there wasn’t a lot of reason to bet the Brewers, I liked what the line did. And Yelich was back in the lineup.

Leury Garcia homered to put the Sox up 2-0, and with the Brewers trailing 2-1, Yelich may have had the at-bat that changed his season. Certainly, it swung the outcome of this game. And it’s hilarious to watch Eloy Jimenez flail around in that net down the left field line as Yelich circles the bases.

It was obvious once Eloy went into that net, that he wasn’t escaping easily. Moreover, you realize that Yelich is going to score without problem for his second home run of the season. From there, the Brewers put a hurting on the Chicago to split the series.

Yelich would walk four times on the night aside from the home run. Really, the Brewers are protecting him with very little in the lineup which is a reason he’s not getting many pitches to hit. I still expect him to find his way to .300 on the year like clockwork with some decent numbers. This was one of the highlights from a quiet Thursday night in baseball.