Baseball is Back: Vlad Guerrero Jr. Hits One To The Moon

Finally, baseball makes it’s long awaited return to the world on Thursday night with a doubleheader. While no fans will be included, I think genuinely people are happy to have the sport back.

Still, some preseason exhibition games are going and giving people something to wet their appetite. For instance, look at this Vladimir Guerrero Jr. home run that was hit at Fenway.

Still, the Toronto Blue Jays are a stray dog team. You know, a team that doesn’t even have a home park as the season begins. Seriously, someday this will make for a decent book as all these young core players like Guerrero, Bo Bichette and others develop. A season not only on the brink, but entirely on the road.

With that being said, you may want to lay some bets against the Blue Jays in the upcoming season on the pa sports betting app.

To me, it seems like they’re going into a stacked deck every night. If you bet a set amount against the Jays every night for the entire season, you should come out ahead at season’s end. Perhaps we will experiment with this.

For me, I’m playing the over 7.5 in the Los Angeles Dodgers opener tomorrow night.

We will be back to recap what we can of this strange 2020 season that will be talked about forever.