MLB News: Baseball Considering Radical Re-Alignment For COVID-19 Season

On Friday, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale opened the day with a report that baseball is considering a radical re-alignment plan. For instance, just take a look at what the respective leagues would look like.

First off, there would be a Grapefruit League playing in Florida and a Cactus League playing in Arizona. Weird division rivals would take place for a year like the Dodgers, Indians, Reds, and Angels all playing in the same division. On the other hand, check out the Grapefruit League North!

Obviously this is baseball just kicking around ideas, and lots of things remain in motion that would need to come together to make this happen. Moreover, while you’re waiting for baseball to happen, check out qq poker.

Certainly, we can’t go much longer without baseball; even if the COVID-19 quarantine is going to go on a while longer. Just the fact that baseball is kicking this around suggests that they’re going to give the 2020 season a good honest shot. It seems like great news, but when you think about the fact that we should be writing about ongoing action taking place already, it’s a tough swallow.

Finally, we talked about this on episode 13 of The Pine Tar Podcast on Friday night.